Friday, September 6, 2013


Our instructional coordinator shared a Pinterest pic with me that had an awesome bulletin board idea. Although I loved the idea, I didn't love the $$ I would have to spend getting pictures developed. So, I decided to add my own little twist. I thought about having my new third graders summarize their favorite story instead, so we did that in our journals one day last week.

I was a little is the beginning of the year, and due to time, I decided I would just give them a sentence starter, have them complete the sentence on notebook paper, bring it to me to see if we needed to make any corrections, then have them complete their final version on blank 5x7 index cards. They would write their sentence, then draw a picture to illustrate the sentence.

I collected the finished index cards, glued them onto construction paper, and cut the construction paper so that it was a little wider than the index card. Then, I went to the trusty ellison machine, and cut out some upper case O's. Those would be glued onto the bottom part of the construction paper, making it look like an iPod. Once the glue was dry on the O's, I wrote Menu at the top,  > and two vertical lines at the bottom, and on each side, I drew the rewind and fast forward icons.

Here is the final product. I like it. :-)  Just having issues with kids wanting to play with the ipods as they walk by. THEY ARE NOT REAL, KIDS! Leave them ALONE!

If you want to do this for your bulletin board, here are my sentence starters: (They could change it up if they wanted to...these were just suggestions.)

My favorite person to read with is:

My favorite place to read is:

I love reading because:

I have to admit, my favorite sentence was this one:

I guess I can be sometimes! ;-) But I knew what she meant, and I loved it!

Please add your own suggestions! This bulletin board was such a hit with my kids, I'm sure I'll do it next year too! What sentence starters would you add?